Eternelle (eternele) wrote,

Разумные авиакомпании существуют

В поста про взвешивание пассажиров мне прокомментировали, что такие компании уже есть! И я нарыла:

""What makes airplanes work is weight. We are not selling seats, we are selling weight."
Langton said Samoa Air's policy went into effect in November for domestic fliers and in the "past few weeks" for international routes.
According to the airline's website, "your weight plus your baggage items is what you pay for. Simple."

И вот, другая компания:
"Avamua Dave Haleck, one of the men, told Radio New Zealand they were annoyed with Hawaiian Airlines as after being weighed they were not allowed to choose their own seats.

The airline cited that as a result of a rise in average passenger weight, they need to distribute the load evenly around the aircraft on route.

Hawaiian Airline operates several Boeing 767-300 aircraft, which can seat up to 269 passengers."

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