Eternelle (eternele) wrote,

The genius sperm bank

"In the late 1970s, in a underground bunker on his ranch near San Diego, American millionaire Robert Klark Graham set up the world's most controversial sperm bank known as the Repository for Germinal Choice.

He initially convinced three Nobel Laureates to donate, including the notorious racist William Shockley.

Slammed in the press and accused of being a eugenicist and Nazi, Graham went on the defensive. He said while the principles of what he was doing might not be popular, they were sound.

Graham took it upon himself to recruit donors and it was on one such expedition in February 1997, that the 90-year-old Graham died. Unfunded, his repository closed two years later.

Graham's dream may have died, but his legacy lives on. He changed the face of modern sperm banking, not just with the innovation of the donor catalogue, but also the previously unheard of concept where clients could actively choose donors."

Википедия - чудесное место. Набрела на эту статью, начав с изучения принципов магнитной записи на жёсткий диск.
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