Eternelle (eternele) wrote,

Школьные галстуки

- You know, if I told it to my friends back at home, they would not believe me. Over a failing grade in French!
- Good grades, the right schools, the right colleges, the right connections. Those are the keys to the kingdom. None of us ever goes off and lives by his wits. We do the things I tell us to do and they give us the good life. Goddamn hope we like it when we get it!
- What will happen to Mac?
- He's not coming back.
- Man. I've heard of nervous breakdowns before, but I always thought it happened to women, you know, of 40 years old. Never realised it could happen to a kid of my age.
- When I was a sophomore, there was a senior, Whilliam Whitton. He killed himself, hung himself in the gym.
- Why?
- He did not get into Harvard.
(C) School Ties

А на что вы готовы ради светлого будущего?

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