Eternelle (eternele) wrote,

Определение "Doggybag" в Urban Dictionary

"A paper bag in which to take home your paid for but uneaten food from a restuarant to give to your pets (often not given to the pets at all).

A doggybag sounds on the surface like a good idea.

Lets not waste good food, give it to our household pets.

recycling - green - modern - intelligent

Think a little more deeply about it and you discover that it is a perfect example for what is wrong with our western, modern, industrialised, profit run way of living.

Doggybag's exist because we cooked too much food . They are there to salve our conscience after we have just paid for a meal and not been able to finish it.

There are no doggybags in many countries around the world. The concept of a doggybag would be alien to them and yet for us it is a normal object of daily living.

It is a marketing ploy, a branding tool and more than that, a con trick."

Чудесно кого-то штырит.
Tags: эти забавные животные

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