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Beautiful Mind

"As a result of testing conducted in the fifth grade, which determined he had an IQ of 167, he was allowed to skip the sixth grade and enroll in the seventh grade.

While at Harvard, Kaczynski was taught by famed logicia Willard Van Orman Quine, scoring at the top of Quine's class with a 98.9% final grade.

He was also noted as the youngest professor ever hired by the university, but this position proved short-lived. Kaczynski received numerous complaints and low ratings from the undergraduates he taught.

The chairman of the mathematics department, J. W. Addison, called this a "sudden and unexpected" resignation,[20] while vice chairman Calvin Moore said that given Kaczynski's "impressive" thesis and record of publications, "He could have advanced up the ranks and been a senior member of the faculty today.

In all, 16 bombs—which injured 23 people and killed three—were attributed to Kaczynski.

A court-appointed psychiatrist diagnosed Kaczynski as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia,[88] but declared him competent to stand trial.

Kaczynski is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole as Federal Bureau of Prisons register number 04475-046 in ADX Florence, the federal Administrative Maximum Facility supermax in Florence, Colorado."
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